Animated shorts
19/12/2009  - 31/1/2010

"For children". Third Edition

Programmer and curator: Ángela Molina F.
"For children". Third Edition


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The main objective is to offer animated films that use a language and aesthetic suitable for children.

Para Niños recuperates the function of creating an imaginary that will help children at their different stages of psychological development, a function that at other times was performed by oral tradition and children’s literature and is today covered by audiovisual narrative Thus, the stories told in the series have been carefully selected for their pedagogical content. They are tales that connect children with human archetypes that help them have positive attitudes towards different problems that can affect their age group, providing them with resources that will help them cope with difficult situations and grow up understanding their inner world. All of this is achieved by means of aesthetic proposals that enhance the creativity and talent innate in all children.

Stories that reinforce values like friendship, solidarity with those who are different from ourselves, the courage to overcome problems, love of the family, the development of the imagination, love of nature, gratification of efforts, etc. All these stories are presented in a positive manner and with a sense of humour.

All in all, it is a visual alternative to the commercial animation and is a pleasure for everyone.


- Free entry.
- Seating capacity limited.
- A maximum of 4 tickets per adult for one programme 
- Tickets will be handed out at the Museo de Bellas Artes one hour before the beginning of each session and may only be used for the projection held immediately afterwards

Screening space:
Assembly hall at the Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia, C/San Pío V, nº 9 (46010 Valencia)
Opposite Sala Parpalló.


A total of 18 short films from countries like: France, Germany, Japan, South Africa, Serbia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Ireland, the USA, Russia, the United Kingdom, Spain and Croatia. Productions made with different techniques, such as 3D animation, plasticine, paper cut-outs, drawing, objects, watercolours, Saint on glass or puppets.

All ages
Total duration of the programme: 43 min.

Rafael Cano, Carlos del Olmo and Miguel Ángel Bellot / Spain / 2009 / 4’30’’
3D animation / No dialogue

A circus in the fifties; a tremendous rival for the human cannonball.

Himawarisou (Sunflower
Minako Matsuda / Japan / 2008 / 3’
Drawing on paper, 2D animation / No dialogue

A child looks alter a sunflower plant and love generates life.

Chicken Wings
Pauline Kortmann / Germany / 2008 / 5’ 45’’
Drawing on paper, 2D animation / No dialogue

A cowgirl and a werewolf travel to a hostile land, but a chicken crosses their path.

Chie Arai / Japan / 2008 / 2’ 05’’
Drawing on paper, 2D computer / No dialogue

A horse dreams about what he wants to be… and dreams can come true!

Kendra Vander / USA / 2009 / 2’11’’
3D animation / No dialogue

The magical winter tale of a little boy who rescues some stars that have fallen out of the sky and wants to help them get back. Will he have enough inner strength to achieve the impossible?

Melodija Zivota (The Melody of Life)
Miodrag Popovic / Serbia / 2008 / 1’35’’
Drawing on paper, 2D animation / No dialogue

Life is exciting, difficult and beautiful.
The story of the life cycle seen through the different stages in the life of a musical note.

Malenkaya Vasilisa (Little Vasilisa)
Darina Shmidt / Russia / 2007 / 15’35’’
Cut-outs. Scenography based on traditional Russian sewing / Dialogues in Spanish  

Vasilisa is too small to fight against the hardships of life. Fortunately, she meets others who can help her overcome them.

Bave Circus 
Sylvain Kauffmann, Philippe Desfretier, Nicolas Dufresne, Martin Laugero / France / 2008 / 4’ 50’’
3D animation / No dialogue

One rainy afternoon, a child is playing in his hut and starts to daydream. He sees himself as an animal-tamer in a snail circus. 

Le Bestiaire (Bestiary)
Pierre Dixsaut, Marianne Peltzer / France / 2009 / 3’ 20’’
Object animation / Dialogues in Spanish

A little magician turns garments of clothing into animals.

All ages. Recommended for over eights.
Total duration: 44 min.

You don’t bring me flowers (
Brent Dawes / South Africa / 2009 / 5’
3D animation / No dialogue

Springbok spots a charming gazelle and decides to court her. Little does he imagine the problems that will arise with cactus, quicksands and other misfortunes. But love is wonderful! 

The Happy Duckling 
Gili Dolev / Scotland, the United Kingdom / 2008 / 08' 45''
3D animation and watercolours / No dialogue

The pranks of a little boy and a happy duckling who follows him tirelessly until he becomes his friend. The setting is an amazing pop-up book where anything can happen… and does!

Log Jam – The Moon
Alexei Alexeev / Hungary / 2008 / 1’
Drawing, 2D animation/ No dialogue

The bear, the wolf and the rabbit hold their special jam sessions in their sleep. The only trouble is a hunter who is trying to catch them.

Q & A 
Tim Rauch and Mike Rauch / USA / 2009 / 3’30’’
Drawing on paper, 2D computer / Dialogues in Spanish

Joshua has Asperger’s syndrome, a type of autism. Children with this syndrome have trouble socialising and can have obsessions. Joshua’s is animals. A true touching story. 

Comment se débarrasser de son petit frère (How to Get Rid of Your Little Brother)
Céline Ternisien, Maxence Verniers, Sylvain Leclercq, Florian Charlet / France / 2008 / 5’ 03 ‘’
3D animation / Dialogues in Spanish 

A little girl’s life is disrupted when her baby brother is born. She is very jealous until she realises he can be her best friend. .

The Rooster, the Crocodile and the Night Sky
Padraig Fagan /Ireland / 2008 / 6’35’’
Cardboard cut-outs and paint on glass / Dialogues in Spanish

A cock has to fight against a monster who has stolen the night. His mission is to put it back in place so the inhabitants of the planet will not suffer the consequences of its loss.

Dvije Vile (Two Fairies)
Miroslav Klaric and Jadranko Lopatic / Croatia / 2007-08 / 3’36’’
Puppet animation / No dialogue

In fairy tales, fairies live happily in love and understanding. But the ones in this film fight over a magic wand and pay a price for their greed.

Wild Dogs 
Cat Hicks / USA / 2009 / 2’36’’
3D animation / No dialogue

Comedy about a selfish dog trying to trick another dog so as to keep all the bones of a dinosaur for himself. But greed doesn’t pay!

Juan de Dios Marfil Atienza / The Czech Republic - Spain / 2009 / 6’25’’
Drawing on paper, 2D computer / No dialogue

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.
An ode to freedom and unconditional love.